Ipsos ASI at ARF Week of Workshops

Please join Ipsos at the ARF Week of Workshops, Marketing & Media Effectiveness: September 22-25, 2003 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, New York.

Dave Walker, Senior Vice President, Research Director, will be present during Making Better Media Decisions: A Special Session on The ARF Media Model - Stage IV: Advertising Attentiveness on September 25.

Making Better Media Decisions is an update of the ARF Media Model first published in 1961 – a seminal piece of work that influences how planners think of media today. The update acknowledges changes in advertising theory and practice since the original publication. This special session is to stimulate discussion and debate on the new model, presented by a panel of speakers.

Advertising Attentiveness is a critical stage in the process – the point at which the medium and the creative execution intersect to deliver the advertising message. Ipsos ASI will present learning from our experience in pretesting, tracking, and media research, and from current thinking in the industry, to show how a better understanding of viewer attention can help advertisers make better use of research, and better choices about both media and creative, to improve the effectiveness of their advertising.

John Hallward, President, Ipsos ASI, Ltd., will co-present with Allan L. Baldinger of Ipsos-Insight, The Impact of Brand Equity and Price/Value in Predicting Brand Growth and Decline: Results of a Major R&D Initiative on September 25.

All marketers have a mix of brands in their portfolios. Some are large, and some are small. Some are growing over time, and some are declining. Yet every brand manager has the same objective for his brand: Enduring Profitable Growth. At the same time, brand equity models have been attempting to explain why some brands are healthy, and some are not. The goal of arriving at a truly predictive model is shared by all. A brand's equity is comprised of attitudinal perceptions, perceptions of price/value, and behavioral measures. If a series of standard questions can be identified which capture both the key behavioral and attitudinal components of brand equity, then these same questions can be used as a leverage tool. Strategies for turning around brands in decline can be devised. Strong and healthy brands can be maintained at the top of the life cycle curve. Effective advertising vs. promotional spending mixes can be proposed. And tracking programs can be devised, with the ultimate goal of maintaining and maximizing a brand's marketplace success.

Ipsos ASI and Ipsos-Insight partner to present the results of a major R&D initiative, in which over 100 brands, in roughly 20 categories, have been analyzed. Thousands of individual consumer assessments are part of the database. The 100+ brands have been classified into those, which grew the most, vs. those which declined. Premium priced brands within their categories, vs. those which are lower-priced, and/or store brands, have been identified. A separately-matched behavioral database, in which trends in market share (both dollars and volume), as well as penetration trends, pricing trends, and shares of requirements, form the basis for predictive validity of the modeling work. These measures represent the key dependent variables in the model.

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