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Ipsos ASI is committed to working with you to “measure what matters” to your advertising success. With our full range of advertising research tools, you will be sure that you are making the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process.

Our full range of advertising research products includes:

Creative Development

  • Next*Idea® — to identify effective advertising at the storyboard stage.

Ad Pre-Testing

  • Next*TV® — our worldwide copy testing system for TV commercials; in-home, in-program.
  • Next*Print® — our worldwide print testing system. In-home, in-magazine.
  • Next*Kids® — measuring what matters to children.

In-Market Assessment, Ipsos ASI Tracking Services, including:

  • Ad*Graph — continuous or wave tracking to monitor your brand’s health
  • Post*Testing — measuring the combined impact of creative and media.

Marketing Brand Equity

  • Equity*Builder — the brand health information system from Ipsos ASI.


Products and Solutions


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