An Overview of Ipsos ASI

We at Ipsos ASI believe that successful advertising builds stronger brands. Ipsos ASI, founded in 1962, offers marketers state-of-the-art advertising research built on 40 years of experience, using measures predictive of in-market performance across the various stages of advertising development and implementation. Our services are used around the world by advertisers to leverage their advertising investments.

This makes Ipsos ASI the largest provider of advertising pre-testing services in the world. Although our history is rooted in copy testing, were much more, providing leading services in the areas of advertising tracking and brand equity evaluation. Ipsos ASI offers a full range of advertising research solutions to help clients make the best decisions at all stages of the advertising development process, and to maximize the return on their advertising investment. Our commitment is to provide insights to advertisers to help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts. This is why Ipsos ASI can help you build stronger brands.

Ipsos ASI is a member of the Ipsos Group, a leading global survey-based research company. Ipsos member companies offer expertise in advertising, customer loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs research, as well as forecasting and modeling and consulting, with offices in over 40 countries. The Paris-based company was founded in 1975 and has been listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1999. In the U.S., Ipsos was cited as the fastest growing market research firm by the influential newsletter Inside Research.

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