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Contributing to the learning of our industry is a responsibility that we at Ipsos ASI take very seriously.

Ipsos ASI is a company that has evolved rapidly during the last 10 years. As recently as 1990, we were essentially a copy testing company dedicated to related recall. We have grown to a strong and irreversible commitment to "multiple measures" and on having the "flexibility to measure what matters".

We have learned about the value and importance of alternative persuasion measures, of "structured diagnostics" and of the power of combining persuasion and recall into the "Copy Effect Index" that is consistently predictive of short-term sales effects.

More importantly, we have evolved from a copy testing company to an advertising research company committed to leading the industry in copy testing, brand equity, and tracking.

Certainly advertising will continue to evolve during the coming years, and we plan to lead the continual evolution in advertising research and in the learnings to support these changes.

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