Successful advertising can help companies make a difference in their business. The role of pre-testing is to help advertisers identify successful advertising so they can do more and sell more. Ipsos ASI offers a comprehensive range of pre-testing solutions to support the increasingly complex decisions facing advertisers in today's markets, helping our clients air the best possible advertising and drive in-market results.

Our copy testing portfolio includes multiple products marketed under the brand name "Next". In its array and depth, Next represents the most comprehensive set of pre-testing tools in the industry. The "Next" line evolved in response to client needs, and offers flexibility to adapt to various countries, budgets and timing needs. All of our copy testing products are built upon our philosophy of measuring ad effectiveness, sharing common parameters of design and measurement.

Ipsos ASI Next*TV® ,our flagship global copy testing system, provides key insights on:

  • The potential of your commercial to impact sales.
  • How the ad is contributing to brand equity.
  • How well it fits with your ad strategy.
  • How to optimize the ads effectiveness.

Ipsos ASI Next*TV provides in-home exposure to advertising, providing the most accurate measure of commercial breakthrough in the industry, bar none. Key features include:

  • Our validated measure of ad breakthrough, Related Recall.
  • Multiple, proven persuasion measures most appropriate for the market situation.
  • Our validated predictor of potential in-market, ad driven sales effectiveness - the Copy Effect Index.
  • Superior national samples and the ability to provide custom/targeted samples.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics to provide the key insights for ad improvement.

Ipsos ASI offers our clients one of the most comprehensive databases available globally, with results from more than 25,000 commercials in over 25 different countries.

Ipsos ASI Next*TV is available in all main markets of North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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