The first step of advertising development is crucial. This is the stage when creative ideas are reviewed, revised, evaluated and many are discarded. Decisions are then made to pursue production; often with little or no consumer feedback to understand the potential power of the creative ideas.

Ipsos ASI Next*Idea® plays a key role at the early stage of advertising development, allowing you to evaluate the potential of advertising at the storyboard phase, quickly and efficiently, and understand:

  • The potential the idea has to impact your sales
  • The potential impact the idea can have on your brand equity
  • The potential communication efficacy of the idea to deliver on your brand strategy or message.

Next*Idea is fundamentally based on Ipsos ASI's time-tested philosophy of how advertising works, relying on our validated measures of copy testing. Next*Idea and Next*TV represent distinct milestones in the commercial development process, working in a complementary way. Next*Idea is primarily a development tool, and Next*TV is a comprehensive pre-testing tool.

To get more information on Next*Idea, contact your Ipsos ASI representative.

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