Ipsos Ideas is Ipsos’ global magazine, published in three languages. Written by Ipsos senior researchers who boast a wealth of category and industry expertise, Ipsos Ideas brings fresh insight, perspective, and meaning to a wide range of data and trends. Each issue features one topic from one of our five specialty practices: advertising, marketing, media, public affairs, and loyalty research. Current and past issues of Ipsos Ideas are available at

The North American edition of Ipsos Ideas is a monthly online magazine of insights and ideas from each of the research specialty practices in North America: public affairs, marketing research, advertising research, and forecasting and modeling, all in one issue. Our experts will share results from research conducted in North America and around the world. Your free subscription to Ipsos Ideas includes unlimited access to all of our knowledge resources: white papers, point-of-views, new and archived articles from Ipsos Ideas magazine, and recent Ipsos publications from around the globe. To view the current issue and find out more, visit


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