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From time to time, we publish informative papers based on insight and learnings gained from managing years of advertising research projects. We invite you to download our latest White Paper based on an innovative research technique designed to measure emotional responses to advertising.

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  • Moods, Minds, and Motivations: Measuring Emotions for Advertising Results
    Knowing that emotions influence purchase motivation, the team at Ipsos ASI set out to determine how to accurately measure emotional responses to advertising, and how to use that learning to explain brand purchase intent. The result is cutting-edge, actionable insight into how advertising can affect consumer motivation. You'll also find out whether high-priced celebrity ads work.
  • Advertising: Money down the drain?
    In this issue, we explore the hot topic of advertising. What makes for good advertising? Why are so many advertising practices ineffective? How can advertisers get more for their money?

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