Ipsos ASI at the ARF April 9-11, 2003

The ARF 48th Annual Convention and Research Infoplex 2003 (Research Revs Up - Fueling Business Decisions) will be held on April 9-11, 2003 at the Hilton New York. Ipsos ASI is looking forward to a successful year at the ARF with our many partners in the industry.

Finding us
Ipsos ASI will be in our usual location (booth #305) at the Ipsos North America booth. Representatives from Ipsos ASI, Ipsos-Insight, Ipsos-Novaction and Ipsos-Vantis will be on hand to demonstrate our comprehensive research capabilities. Plan to stop by and visit us.

Ogilvy Awards
Each year the ARF David Ogilvy Award honors research that has been shown to make an important contribution to creating, identifying and improving great advertising. This year Ipsos ASI is the research partner in two campaigns nominated for this award:"A1 – It’s That Important" and "Ocean Spray – Great For Drinking". Click here to see our awards from previous years.

Research Presentations
Ipsos ASI will present our most recent developments and findings in the Concurrent Research Company Presentations. We will feature two key presentations on Thursday, April 10 - details regarding each of these presentations are below:

  • Thursday, April 10, 11:15 AM
    A First Look at the Link Between Copy Testing and Brand Equity: New Findings From Next*TV and Equity*Builder

    Copy testing for many years has focused questions such as whether consumers remember the ad. What did it communicate? How did they react to it? Were they persuaded? These measures help us understand if the advertising causes short-term sales effects. But recent learning has shown that the major contribution of advertising may be to long-term effects including brand equity. So there has been a gap between what is measured and what advertising actually does for a brand. Ipsos ASI is closing that gap by integrating learning from our validated Equity*Builder system into Next*TV. This presentation will present some early findings from this breakthrough work and show how copy testing can be linked to brand equity.
  • Thursday, April 10, 12:00 PM
    Lessons Learned About Media

    Learn how media works from the consumers' perspective via Ad*Graph tracking, and our unique media model from our in market database. We will cover the importance of creative versus media, 'Reach' versus 'Frequency', share of voice, media mixes, wear out, the differing quality of GRP's, and more.

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