MRIA Speaker Series:
Secrets to Making the Most Effective Ads

January 24, 2007
Vancouver, BC

Talk is Cheap. Advertising Isn't.

It is estimated that in the U.S., over 1/3 of the nearly $300 billion spent on advertising each year is wasted. Ipsos ASI knows that 75% of an ad's in-market success has to do with the creative itself. No additional amount of media weight will make the ad more effective. Getting the creative right is imperative.

Join Ipsos ASI's Jacquie Matthews for an engaging presentation highlighting some of the "secrets" that Ipsos ASI has learned by mining their database of over 35,000 ads tested in North America, and drawing on over 30 years of extensive learning about how advertising works to impact brands. The presentation is complete with ad examples, and leaves the audience with some thought provoking ideas to help them "tilt the playing field" in their direction for better advertising results. Both key drivers for effective ads, and those things that limit performance, will be discussed.

The final section will highlight some differences between what makes for effective advertising in Canada vs. the U.S.

Jacquie Matthews is the President of Ipsos ASI Canada, the advertising research arm of Ipsos. Ipsos is the third largest survey-based market research firm in the world and the largest in Canada. Ipsos ASI is a world leader in advertising and brand health research and the largest supplier of ad testing in the world, testing more ads from more clients than any other company. Jacquie has 18 years experience in marketing research, specializing in packaged goods, media and advertising research. She has an MBA from McMaster University and has been working strictly in copy testing for 7 years now. She joined Ipsos ASI in 2004 to head up the copy testing division and has been the President of the whole business unit since September 2006. She has a passion for advertising, and for trying to delight her clients by finding the "unexpected" in the data.

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